February 02, 2005

Rhetoric of freedom and its paradoxes

Posted by Daryoush

Perhaps one of the central issues which have to be addressed when someone is denouncing the warmongering of the Bush adminnistration is the palpable existence of the language of civil society and liberalism. Contrary to what Bush is apparently claiming, there is no such thing as freedom and democracy on his agenda at all. Freedom and democracy are, most optimistically, excuses for establishing and reconsolidating the military hegemony of the US in the Middle East region. I would even go further to say that this is not merely for the Middle East. It is a much broader attempt to restore the damaged face of the American foreign policy in the world.

It goes beyond saying that those who have been pondering on the more theoretical aspects of the issue immediately recognize the flaws of Bush's rhetoric. Liberal democracy is coming to a point of decline in the Unites States. One might be able to call the American society a civil society which could secure the individual liberties of its citizens, but it would be indeed inconceivable to say that this is the achievement of Bush administration.

Raising the flag of war against Iran or even threatening to do so, is the hallmark of the decline of liberalism in the US. The very tone and language of war, particularly when it takes an ideological and dogmatic embodiment in terms such as 'Just War' are terrifying in themselves. This language is being misused for power. I think there is an urgent need for a sort of linguistic disobedience to purify the language of civil society from barbarian elements which have crept into it under the pretext of freedom. The double standards of Bush's kind of democracy end up in the debasement of democracy itself.

February 2, 2005 11:29 AM

we must stop G. W. Bush before it is too late
we did not act as quecly and as forsfully as we should have on the war on Iraq, otherwise we could have prevent the Iraq war; but now we are facing anothere war posibility. are we giong to get our act togathere and stop the christo-zionist bush?

Posted by: adam at February 2, 2005 08:09 PM