February 27, 2005

Much Ado Over Nothing?

Posted by Niki

A peculiar thing has been happening, both on the comment sections of this blog and other sites where Iranians have been speaking out against an attack on Iran: we have been chided for it, and not just for the predictable reason that anyone against a war on Iran is labeled as pro-Islamic Republic or Pro-terrorism. In keeping colonial tradition of condescending paternalism, we are also told that we are "paranoid" and "crazy", that no such war is in the making, and that our time is better spent elsewhere.

Never mind the spy drones flying over Iran , the updating of war plans, and the parallels between the U.S. pronouncements on Iran and what happened in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are to listen to Bush when he says that the notion of "attacking Iran is simply ridiculous", and forget that he announced in the same breath: " Having said that, all options are on the table".

Indeed they are, and several recent developments give us more reason to fear that a confrontation with Iran is in fact on the agenda. Let me turn to these events now, and iterate once again why we must keep speaking up against war on Iran.

Yesterday's delay of the Russia-Iran Nuclear Deal , announced after the apparently cordial contact between Putin and Bush may have led some to wonder about a causal connection between the two. Perhaps, but the nuclear deal between Iran and Russia was sealed anyway .

Despite the signing of an additional protocol between the two states requiring that Iran return spent fuel that could be used for weaponry, the deal is sure to keep the U.S. on the offensive and Iran defensive on the issue of WMD. But just as the WMD claims were not enough in making the case for an attack on Iraq, they wont do for the Iranians either. For one, the U.S. needs to articulate its wars so that they can be justified under the umbrella of the "War on Terrorism". Additionally, ever the champion of humanity and human rights, the U.S. administration must put a compassionate face on the entire endeavor.

In order to achieve the latter, Bush periodically asserts solidarity with the Iranian people, and I've talked about the duplicity and dangers behind such claims in my first post on this blog . Just the other day, the State Department made a humanitarian gesture of offering aid after the recent earthquake in Kerman, but the Iranians are said to have (I think wisely) refused it.

The issue of linking Iran to terrorism is a bit trickier, this despite numerous unfounded assertions that Iran is linked with Al-Qae'da (the sworn enemy of the IRI) and by extension to the resistance in Iraq. The assassination of Rafiq Harriri and Friday night's bombing in Tel Aviv are being deployed to fill in the gap. Although Hizbollah has denied responsibility for the bombings, the U.S. press has repeatedly implied, if not explicitly claimed, that the group was behind both acts. Bringing Hizbollah in to the picture, however, allows for implicating both Syria and Iran , two birds with one stone.

As long as this triad?accusations about the acquisition of WMD, the sponsorship of terrorism, and the crocodile tears for Iranian human rights?appear in the press and on the lips of various U.S. officials, then anti-war Iranians must remain alert and active. Those who will continue to reproach us for doing so can always rely on Orientalist tropes about "Easterners' penchant for conspiracy theories" to dismiss away our concerns.

February 27, 2005 09:14 PM

salam niki ... I read your good article....Unfortunately, some Reformists in Iran believe the invasion of America on Iran is the Remedy of the political deadlock, there is no other possibility for changing the solid political structure! Therefore a foreigner force just may breakdown the structure. They show us the experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan specially so call successful elections in the areas. I disagree with the argument But now I want to know what is your idea about the reason?
Best wishes.

Posted by: Dehkordi at April 4, 2005 01:21 PM

I don't know if this has already been posted, but I thought this article concerning the rumor about the possibility of Bush having already "signed off" on a war in Iran prior to even giving the "Attacking Iran is simply ridiculous" line was important enough to double-post for the sake of someone else spotting it. Rumors started by ex-UNSCOM weapons inspectors shouldn't be taken lightly.

ufppc.com // NEWS: Scott Ritter says US attack on Iran planned for June

And now for a shameless plug.
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Posted by: Nathaniel at March 11, 2005 10:50 AM

Well the chessboard set up, is clearly indicative of Calamity George's new plans, which are not much different from his old plans. Appointment of "human scum, and blood sucker" Bolton as the UN ambassador, in some way is reminiscent of the other lunatic who maintained "the old gentleman asked for my autograph and I signed it for him" post Chamberlain's visit to Berlin, in his attempt to cement a non aggression pact with Hitler (Munich pact 1939)!

The containment strategy of EU looks very much a failure in the view of this new appointment, the strange "peace in our time" message from the EU leadership, was somewhat not as well received by Putin, in Czech Republic, nevertheless the sycophantic media drummed up the agreements, and not the underlying serious misgivings (King of the botox reportage, was just one sample).

With Negroponte, as the intelligence Tsar, Condy at State Dpt., Rumsfeld et al in Pentagon, and Bolton at UN, the best squad of goffers, and errand boys that money can buy, there looks to be a rerun of "peace in our times"!

Although in its simplest, EU, and Asia can bite the bullet and dump the dollar, cutting their losses, in more than one way, but there seems to be a lot of hedging, and twitching but no selling!


Posted by: NUM at March 7, 2005 10:08 PM

3 Weeks and counting----
the release for plans for Iran.

God help us, were in over our heads.

Posted by: OGA at March 7, 2005 03:01 AM

U.S. May Aid Iran Activists

We can now be much more aggressive [about Iran] than we had been," a senior official said, hailing the arrival of Condoleezza Rice at the State Department as invigorating the president's push for democracy.

����"The guys at the State Department were too afraid to try anything during the first term," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "They were extremely cautious about angering the regime in Tehran."

����The more aggressive approach is being considered even while Bush moves toward supporting a plan created by France, Germany and Britain to offer Iran economic incentives to forgo nuclear weapons. Bush discussed the issue with Rice on Thursday.

�Brownback favors spending some of the $3 million on a conference in the United States to bring together Iranian dissidents, human rights activists and others to discuss the state of the democracy movement, a step he said had been useful in other countries.

����The effort should tap people inside Iran as well as members of the Iranian diaspora with ties to their homeland, Brownback said.

"Democracy aid struggles when faced with highly resistant, authoritarian regimes, especially ones that use anti-Americanism as one of their reasons for being, like Cuba and Iran,"

so Freedom brand ain't a best seeler then!!!

Despite disagreements on other aspects of the effort, the U.S. officials involved in the process support funding activists inside Iran as opposed to Iranian exiles. They hope to avoid a scenario similar to what many see as the U.S. mistake of backing Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi, who is believed to have fed U.S. intelligence false information about Iraqi weapons programs and is now accused of aiding Iran's intelligence services.

Evidently the huffing and puffing wannabe Cahllabis on this board and elsewhere are barking for free, someone tell these traitors the bits of silver is not there!

One official who will have a big say on Iran policy is Elizabeth Cheney, the daughter of the vice president, who returned to the State Department this month to head democracy promotion efforts.


Posted by: NUM at March 6, 2005 09:49 PM

I agree with you Niki.The western press has painted a dark picture of Iran.

Right now I see few options available for activists.

You can either:
1) Shut-down your entire power grid at the expense of the people. (I'm sure that will go over well)

2) You can go it alone and act in non compliance (compliance is a subjective term really). This will surely evoke a response. Expect something to happen come July.

3) You can actively participate by calling in anyone who is wiling to help and act as a weapons inspector/concerned diplomat/negotiator/or official observer. My point is the more third parties you have to verify your cause, the stronger your voice will be. (Think Ukraine elections - 2nd time around)

Remember america did not attack Iraq until the weapons inspectors had left. At the very least this can be used as a stall tactic.

Don't delude yourselves and think you do this alone. The is a rhetoric war and america is way ahead in that department, silence kills.

Don't let them isolate the muslim community. Obviously engage the international muslim community at every opportunity.

Accept a UN presence. Accept aid from whomever may give it, pride will not help you here. (China or Russia maybe?)

Reinforce your partnership with Syria and vice versa. What is needed is to send a clear message that any future attack will be met with a unified response. Keep as many cameras recording in the country as you can. The cameras will be essential if Mr. Sharon pulls one of his infamous stunts.

As facetious as it sounds don't give up hope, you are not alone.

Posted by: Screech at March 6, 2005 04:38 PM

So 20 reactors later Iran can get on with burning camel dung in these, and or pay over the odds for fuel that they could mine, and manufacture locally, just coz there is tensions in the area!

Further, since you don't like Mullahs then they should be nasty snakes with fangs, so Santa is a snake too coz he wears a beard?

Without active involvement of Iran in Iraq there could have been no elections, and the
levels of disorder would have been far higher! Although this step has been of mutual benefit for the invaders, but Iran has first hand experience of Taliban years, and huge influx of refugees, that evidently even UNHCR forgot about!

So far as centrifuges are concerned, these are delicate apparatus, that can process certain levels of enrichment, the current enrichment requirements for the fuel are at 2.5% to 3.5% that is in contrast to 95% levels of enrichment that are required for any weapons grade stuff! So falling 91.5% short of the weapons grade these have been picked up to be the pressure point!

Further the same centrifuges could be used for purification of various other elements that could be export earners, so the question is not just fuel enrichment but a whole host of other products, that could be commercially exploited, and in the view of the finite quantities of Oil, it is a prudent measure to be sought!

As far as Israel or more to the point the US land based aircraft carrier, is concerned, the costs of maintenance of such expensive brigade of mercenaries is no longer an acceptable and or affordable expenditure, therefore sooner or later they are to join the other mothballed battleships, and US navy relics. This fact has not gone missing on Israelis, which creates its own problems for Calamity George and Co. However when there is a will there is a way, and sooner than later US will jettison Israel, it is not if, but when!

However, considering the importance of oil, and the contrived volatility of the area, that has been made possible by maintaining the land based aircraft carrier, and paying off the neighbours (Egypt, Jordan) to lay off it, has been all but a failure, since the export of coercion technologies in support of the despotic regimes in the area, has brought about an arrest of socioeconomic development (non consumers) of the nations in that area, hence the vehement opposition of their populations to US, and her foreign policy, as active supporters of their oppressors! This facet often goes missing on US population living in the virtual reality Lala Land.

Further adding to the woes of US and her aggressive policy of propping up these dictatorships, now there is China, and India (Darfor) which are fast catching on with respect to Military capabilities. In a climate that US has made a total mockery of any and all international treaties, conventions, and laws, which in effect bring about the same climate as post WWI, in which weak international institution could not mediate, and avert WWII!

The strategic mistakes of US in mishandling of the situation, border incompetence and criminal neglect, but that is for another discussion! The current posturing of US with respect to Non Proliferation, while she is shipping out nuclear war heads to various non nuclear nations in the coalition of the bribed in a measure to calm the fears of these nations, is an attempt to avert a third world war but trouble is once the instant buckets of sun shine are unleashed it will somehow escalate, there is no one left to referee the slaughter, and blow the stop whistle!

So you see why Annan mentioned "we live in the most dangerous times, even more dangerous than during the cold war", although in those days more than twice there was a danger of all out war!

Posted by: NUM at March 5, 2005 02:16 AM

Now NUM. You are talking neo-cons plural. richard said he was one of the dreaded neo-cons. Not me. And what gives you the impression that I am grateful to W. I didn't vote for him either time.

Now here is a surprize for you. I agree with most of what you put in your last post. For example, yes, the Russians are closer to Teheran and If they are not concerned this does sort of say something. They believe that they will have control over the fuel and they are saying and none could be diverted for weapons. That is probably a good bet. Also, Busheir is a power reactor and, of course I am not an expert here, is not a breeder. So with reasonable controls we could be pretty sure about the peaceful purpose of this plant.

Also, you are certainly correct that Iran has the right to have it's own fuel cycle under the NPT. Can't really argue with you on that one.

I note that Iran can make the gas centrifuges for themselves in counrty. They are small and do not require a facility which can be easily identified from orbit. It will be next to impossible to "target" the fuel cycle with confidence. Iran could simply make a few more centrifuges and get back into production even if all the centrifuges were somehow found and taken out. So they have the right to enrich under the NPT and also we have no easy military option to stop them even if we wanted to.

I stand by my assertion that Iran should abandon enrichment, or agree to controls which make everyone feel secure about this enterprise. They should do this because it will lead to reduced tensions in the region.

I said that they were snakey, not sneaky. Let's make that clear. I consider a gathering of the Mad Mullahs to be a veritable snake pit. Sneaky, yes that too, but first and foremost they are nasty little fanged creatures not to be trusted. I formed this impression long before FOX NEWS came into existance.

Now I have complained about the "low level war" being waged against us by Iran. As you know there is also back chanel cooperation in many areas as well. Strangely, the US and Iran have many common interests. I assume this causes discomfort in both counrties. But face it, much of what we have done in the region since 9/11 has had the effect of empowering dispossesed Shia communities. In Afghanistan the Hazara were on ropes until we arrived. In Iraq, the dawa party, with strong ties to Iran, is poised to form the new government. And Sistani is Iranian, is he not?

The revolution had anti-Americanism as it's hallmark and for domestic consumption it's all Margbar Amrika, but it seems to me that Iran does not object to everything America does. Possibly I am wrong here. It's just my impression. My reasoning is that they could have played a very negative role in Iraq and they have not. So when I say that they are at war with the US this is a bit of hyperbole. I admit it.

I do not suppose that Iran wants these weapons to use on the US, since that would be national suicide. I assume that they wish to have a deterrent vis a vis Israel. This concept of deterrence may be badly flawed and that could be quite dangerous. Consider the recent statements of Gen. Abizaid about this.


No one has a crystal ball but he is a military man.

So, for their own safety and to keep tensions from boiling over they should go beyond what is required in NPT and make everyone feel secure. I hope I have clarified my point of view here.


I thought your ideas about the ME were interesting. You are hopeful and I am not. With no additional information I just assume that things continue along in the same direction. Well that means more of the same for another 50 years or so. Hope I am wrong and you are right. Thanks again for your insights.

Posted by: nur at March 4, 2005 11:55 PM

Seeing as the thread is not there, perhaps a conduct with some kind of a decorum, is required even from the disinformation merchants who are anticipated to behave in a somewhat civilised manner!

Further, with respect to "fat, dumb, and happy", in so far as the fat and dumb are concerned, congratulation are in order for achieving these target, since without a doubt the obesity of US citizens running at 64% overweight and 25% obese cannot escape anyones' attention, and with respect to dumb, bless their cotton socks when twenty percent of Americans think the sun orbits the earth. Seventeen percent believe the earth revolves around the sun once a day (The Week, Jan. 7, 2005), "The International Adult Literacy Survey...finds that Americans with less than nine years of education 'score worse than virtually all of the other countries'" (Jeremy Rifkin's superbly documented book The European Dream: How Europe's Vision of the Future Is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream, p.78). They are dumb!

With respect to causes in the vogue that have been highlighted, indeed these ought to be considered for awards in the best fiction category!

So all round a very good effort in spinning consolable lies, which is the hallmark of the necons, that can validate the admission on record!

However, in dealing with the thin, aware, and miserable people, the forwarded sermons, and packs of lies fall on deaf ears, and blind eyes!

PS fellow bloggers read and enjoy the outright lies, and drivel, posted by the these crooks while noting their undying gratitude to Calamity George!

Posted by: NUM at March 4, 2005 10:30 PM

To the hosts:

May I request the hosts to introduce a separate thread on the Mid East so that this topic could be discussed at length without any inhibitions, the thread need not to have any articles associated with it only a line stating Mid East , would suffice!


Upon introduction of any such thread, there could be a through explorations of the maximisation of GNP that you have in mind. Since this particular area in its entirety needs punctilious explorations!!!!!!!

Further, in the light of the current economic crisis (don't deny it!) fluidity or lack thereof perhaps could be addressed, as the starting point!

Posted by: NUM at March 4, 2005 12:53 AM

it relates to "no war on Iran" simply because the more deeply an Iranian comes to understand the evil conspiracies of "the neocon" then the more deeply they will understand that there will be no war. There is no need. Our goals will be accomplished without firing a single shot. Our footsoldiers in the war against Iran will be Iranian citizens returning from pilgrimage. Our generals will be scholars and clerics who have studied in a free and prosperous Najaf. The human spirit is good no materr what race or religion. Give it a chance to blossom and it will. There is no need to have a war with Iran. It doesn't accomplish anything that won't be accomplished through peace.

oh - in case you haven't figured it out. I'm one of the dreaded neo-cons.

Posted by: richard at March 4, 2005 12:24 AM

Don't you think your discourtesy to the host is somewhat shameful?

The thread is not about Mid East, and further, you are assuming a heck of lot!

Put electron to the screen and ask the hosts to start a new thread for your topic!!

Civilised behaviour dictates observance of certain protocols don't you think?

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 11:44 PM


my vision for the mideast is quite simple.

Allah gave every man and woman a mind to think with and a mouth to speak with. Any person or institution which takes this away is stealing from Allah. Anyone who persecutes or punishes another for their thoughts or opinions is insulting Allah by desecrating his gift to another.

The fundamentalists say that the mideast suffers because it is not the life that allah intended. I believe that is true. But they don't realize that it isn't strict adherance to the rules. It is about respecting the gifts that Allah has given all men. Life will be even worse under the Taleban because 1200 year old rules are more important than a gift Allah gives everyday. It is not strict adherance that is wrong. It is the constant stealing and insulting of Allah's greatest gifts.

My vision is an end to the sufferring. My path is freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of belief, and equality of all (yes, even the Jews and Salman Rushdie). Look around you. The process has started. Like childbirth, it is painful at first but the rewards last for many lifetimes.

so anyway - that's my vision of the mideast. And, in closing - thank you GWB.

Posted by: richard at March 3, 2005 11:29 PM


Your perception of the world revolves around Islam. Politics in the west revolve around providing the highest standard of living for citizens so that they will continue to vote in your favor. Specifically: maximizing GNP, minimizing violent crime, and providing a general sense of well being. We have a saying "fat, dumb, and happy".

When US, EU, Soviet, Chinese, and Japanese leaders meet they do not discuss Islam. In fact, they only discuss the mideast in two terms - first as a leading enrgy vendor for the global economy and second as the worlds greatest concentration of violence, hatred, oppression, and terrorists. World leaders could care less about Islam. It is just the latest version of mankind's many religions. There is no plot, there is no conspiracy. The last actual "plot" or "conspiracy" against the mideast was the versailles treaty which intentionally created borders to preclude a dominant mideast nation. Since then, the conspiracies are only imagined and fabricated in order to focus attention away from those who hold the chains and whips of oppression. The world revolves around money, not Islam.

If you want something real and tangible to complain about, then you should start protesting about any of the following:
1) Israel's policy of seizing land for every Israeli killed in suicide attacks whether they are state sponsored or not.
2) Syrain occupation of Lebanon
3) The continued killing of innocent Iraqi civillians by fundamentalists and baathists
4) The post-revolutionary deceit which replaced one Iranian dictator with another.
5) The governemnt sponsored genocide in Sudan
6) The UN failure to label it genocide because their charter will then legally require intervention
7) Syria's disruptive intervention into the Israel-Palestinian peace process. The Palestinians deserve peace and they deserve a state whether the Syrians like it or not.

If you feel persecuted because of your religion, then there is something seriously wrong with your perception of the world. In your next "anti-Islam" rant, try replacing "zionist conspiracy" with "desire to maximize GNP". It might require some minor adjustments, but the final product will make a lot more sense in the real world.

Posted by: richard at March 3, 2005 10:58 PM

The developments in the Mid East are a different matter altogether!

However, judging by your concern perhaps you could request a new thread on the subject setting out your visions of the development, since you seem to already have some notions of the course of the development, there the matter could be debated!

Note I have not jumped down your throat since this loaded question is a red rag to any bull!

So be coherent, and precise about your vision.

PS this is not an attempt to patronise!

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 10:41 PM

Go read the post last! Or Should it be posted again?

NPT signatories have an inalienable right to full civil nuclear technology!!! that includes fuel enrichment, which in the view of the planned number of the reactors and the power outputs sought makes financial sense. However the rabid Fascio in charge in US and their stenographers in the media have brought about the pearls of wisdom that the goldfish on Prozac are regurgitating. Part four of NPT specifically declares uranium enrichment as a right of any signatories!

Also until such time that there have been no uranium that is not the pre-process stages either, under the old NPT that is before 2003 non of the signatories were required to declare their activities, in other words the sneaky is your addled perception of the Foxaganda, and it is not close to reality!

Oil is a finite commodity, and the current technological developments in Iran can enable her to sell energy after the last barrel of oil is out of the ground, while supplying the needs of her domestic market too!

The fact that a paranoid nation such as US now is harping on about the WMD is a clear lack of any such weapons in Iran, since we all have witnessed the DPRK episode, that now evidently does not have any Nukes, although DPRK has openly declared it of late, and prior to this at much earlier date they had sent the same message through the back channel, hence the withdrawal of the US troops from the area!

US May Use Proxy To Attack Iran, Says Dr Mahathir

The US, he said, would attack Iran because it thought that the latter had no weapon of mass destructions although such allegation were made against Tehran.

"They attacked Iraq because they know Iraq has no weapon of mass destruction," he told reporters here Wednesday.

However, Dr Mahathir strongly believed that the US was unlikely to attack North Korea although Pyongyang had openly declared that it possessed nuclear weapons.

"North Korea, the agenda is different. It is not just weapons of mass destruction, there is also this element of hatred against Muslim. There is a religious element in this thing. If it is non-Muslim, the US will not attack," he said.


Finally in the view of the long Russian Iranian borders, the nation that has most to worry would be the Russians, which judges the nuclear development in Iran as civilian, and they should know, they are the contractors!

Russia Convinced Iran Will Not Produce Nuclear Weapons- Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Russia was convinced that Iran had no intention of producing nuclear weapons, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported.


Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 09:43 PM

Ok NUM I am going to ignor the boilerplat ...blather...etc. and address your questions. Again, you may not like my answers.

Beyond NPT, what the heck that means?

The IAEA will presumably have some idea what they want here. Probably they will want to create transparency so that all parties, and that is basically the whole world, can rest at ease about iran building nukular weapons.

Why beyond NPT?

Because Iran is a snakey outfit which leads to no confidence on the part of anybody. We expect treachery from these people. So if they don't want us to think that they should come clean.

How come beyond NPT?

Again NUM, your training in these useless Social "Sciences" has not served you well. This is the same question as above.

How far beyond NPT?

Well let's just wait and see what they are asking for and this will provide an answer. I don't know what exact measures could be put in place which would defuse the situation. That is a judgement for experts.

El Baradei is a civil servant not king. Why did you think I thought he was king/

May I ask if you think it would be desirable for the current Iranian leadership to have nuclear weapons? Please discard any side issues about what should be done or who should do it or even if anything at all needs to be done to prevent this outcome. I ask for a straight yes or no here because I am not sure where you stand on that.

Posted by: nur at March 3, 2005 09:16 PM


what is your vision of what the mid-east should look like? What may be realistically accomplished within 5 years towards this goal?
How should it be done and how can it realistically be accomplished given the existing socio-political realities?

Posted by: richard at March 3, 2005 09:14 PM

Ok NUM I am going to ignor the boilerplat ...blather...etc. and address your questions. Again, you may not like my answers.

Beyond NPT, what the heck that means?

The IAEA will presumably have some idea what they want here. Probably they will want to create transparency so that all parties, and that is basically the whole world, can rest at ease about iran building nukular weapons.

Why beyond NPT?

Because Iran is a snakey outfit which leads to no confidence on the part of anybody. We expect treachery from these people. So if they don't want us to think that they should come clean.

How come beyond NPT?

Again NUM, your training in these useless Social "Sciences" has not served you well. This is the same question as above.

How far beyond NPT?

Well let's just wait and see what they are asking for and this will provide an answer. I don't know what exact measures could be put in place which would defuse the situation. That is a judgement for experts.

El Baradei is a civil servant not king. Why did you think I thought he was king/

May I ask if you think it would be desirable for the current Iranian leadership to have nuclear weapons? Please discard any side issues about what should be done or who should do it or even if anything at all needs to be done to prevent this outcome. I ask for a straight yes or no here because I am not sure where you stand on that.

Posted by: nur at March 3, 2005 09:11 PM

Australian intelligence officer reveals secrets

ROD BARTON: Someone was brought to me in an orange jumpsuit with a guard with a gun standing behind him, and alright, you can call it what you wish, but I think it's misleading. I believe it was an interrogation. The Iraqis regard it as interrogation; the Americans, I think, regard it as interrogation.

NORMAN HERMANT: In February 2004, Rod Barton was helping to put the finishing touches on the Iraq Survey Group's interim report. His conclusion: a lot of investigation and no evidence of WMDs. But he told 'Four Corners' that that wasn't what the ISG's bosses wanted to hear, and that wasn't what was in the report.

ROD BARTON: We left the impression that, yes, maybe there was WMD out there, maybe there were programs still to find, and all our future work - because it was forward looking - all our future work might discover this; "We're gonna do this and we're gonna do that." So I thought it was dishonest.

MAN: We continue to receive reports all the time that there are hidden weapons, so it's something which we have to pursue.

ROD BARTON: I felt that I was part of the dishonesty by being there, by continuing on with this, and so although I quite enjoyed the work, I did leave.

NORMAN HERMANT: Rod Barton resigned but his work wasn't over. Late last year, he was asked by the Iraq Survey Group to return. He did, and says after 14 years of searching for weapons in Iraq, it's now time to move on.

JAYNE-MAREE SEDGMAN: David Kay says he asked Australia's Defence Minister Robert Hill to let Rod Barton join him in Iraq for the search for weapons of mass destruction because, he says, he knew Barton was an independent and tough inspector.

However, by the time his wish was fulfilled, David Kay had already left Baghdad after realising the hunt was fruitless.

So what does he think of Rod Barton's claim that intense political pressure placed on the Iraqi Survey Group meant its reports were censored and dishonest?

DAVID KAY: Well, I'm surprised on a number of grounds, not so much that he went public, believe me, that would drive me to go public. It certainly was not the way we operated when I was there.

I have a great deal of respect for Mr Barton, professionally, I like him personally so I don't doubt that he describes accurately what he saw but it certainly is a very different environment than the one in which I operated in and the way that I tried to operate the ISG.

Kay himself was the same stooge who kept on producing the same kind of report, but at the last minute he changed tack, and now represents the voice of reason, my foot, Iraqis were screaming foul for years while he was there, but now he is the guy who was the honest broker, few millions later of course!

PS what happened to the 8500, pages of the 12000 page report produced by Saddam about his activities, that US took away to copy, and evidently got jammed in the photocopiers, and only 3500 pages made it into the security council?

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 09:11 PM

PS El-Baradei, is just another civil servant, hence attributing such rubbish to him is most certainly the work of the news pool reporter, that normally means low level lackey of the secret services!

But that is sense, in the virtual reality Lala Land, El Baradei is the king of Iaeea

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 08:25 PM

Wheyhay now the identity crises galore, the twiddle dumb, and twiddle dumber are falling on each other, in their rush to retort!

Sermons are now replaced with winging, but the the same devoid of content waffle, blah, jibbirish.......rubish......

Beyond NPT, what the heck that means? Why beyond NPT? How come beyond NPT? How far beyond NPT?

Well that is not the issue, seeing as the source was forwarded by the dynamic duo (it depends which persona is in charge of the keyboard you realise) the charge of the light (advisedly used) squad is on, with their about whine!!!!

Racial profiling of the air line passengers, is not an act of racism, but sensitive as ever to the racial sensitivities, some more boohoo would be good anyway!

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 08:19 PM

Hi richard

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. It seems that we proceed from different definitions and this is the source of our disagreement here.

The protection of religious minorities which is included in the Iranian Constitution is in my view in contravention to sharia. However, since you have a different definition for "Islamic State" then certainly I agree that Iran fits that definition.

I don't believe that such protection is a reality today in Iran, as I am assured that Bahai's have a difficult time there. But that is another issue, since the intent of the law is different from it's actual application.

I agree that there is time for Iran to change and peacefully.


Jap slap? Really NUM, I am sorry to see you using this kind of racial epithet. Does it really have a place in the discussion?

Well of course Iran should show transparancy beyond what is required in the NPT. Do they have to? No. Should they? Yes. Why? Because this will reduce tension over the issue and that will make everyone happy.

They can even withdraw from the NPT if they like. Should they do that? No. Why? Because it will increase tension and make everyone unhappy.

Did you think I didn't notice that Iran is being asked to go a step beyond? I know it's going to bug you when I say this, but they have to satisfy us all. Also Iran's business is not just Iran's business and nobody else's. What kind of nonsense is that. Iran is a country which is at war with the US, Israel and who knows who else and in which war they feel justified to take actions in Lebanon and even Argentina. But Iran's inviolable borders are sacrosanct? You joked about Mr. Rushdie having to spend his life in hiding because of the transnational threats originating from Iran. But no one should question the Iranians. Their policy is their own to choose. Right...

These people could be in for a shock. if they continue operating on that basis. Just a thought.

Posted by: nur at March 3, 2005 08:09 PM

It is easy to spot the fake. Someone who pretends to be knowledgeable but considers only those points of view that agree with his own pre-existing assumptions. Fake has a name. That name is num.

Posted by: richard at March 3, 2005 07:56 PM

El-Baradei, whose International Atomic Energy Agency is investigating Iran for possible nuclear weapons work, said Tehran must carry out "transparency" measures that allow widespread visits by IAEA inspectors beyond what is required under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Beyond what is required by the NPT?

Can you not spot the fake unless it jumps and Jap slaps you?

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 07:52 PM

Ideas NUM? What ideas? Hitting me hard? Well I don't like to be called stupid, but I don't see that you have expressed any real ideas. Your posts are pure stream of conciousness often with no rational point to discern . And also, again, you never respond to anything I say. You just hurl insults. And you want to be a Pepper?

Now perhaps I do spend a tad too much time out here in cyberspace. You, on the other hand seem to have spent far too much of your life studying pseudo intelectual blather which you now reprocess and regurgitate as "knowlege". I assume you even have an advanced degree which certifies you as qualified to regurgitate. Please forgive me but I am reminded of the statement of Ernest Rutherford that "Outside of Physics all else is stamp collecting". And so your "knowlege" does not impress me. After all it was Richard Feynman who said that "Science is disbelief in the authority of experts". On the other hand, if you would attempt a rational argument I am all ears.

Posted by: nur at March 3, 2005 07:37 PM


I think we say the same things from different sides. I agree with you that the world has changed since the prophet and can not be recreated. There are those amoung us who would digress to the 8th century so that their vision could become reality. They are an extremist nutjob minority. Most other people rather enjoy indoor plumbing. I believe that a modern caliphate is possible based upon the view that a caliphate is a society that holds Islam to its heart. There are many parts of the bible that do not fit with modern life. Christians know this and listen to the message instead of the literal word. Muslims are just as capable of recognizing the changes between the 8th century and the 21st. Well, most of them at least.

Regarding human rights:
Article 19 -
All people of Iran, whatever the ethnic group or tribe to which they belong, enjoy equal rights; and color, race, language, and the like, do not bestow any privilege.

Article 23:
The investigation of individuals' beliefs is forbidden, and no one may be molested or taken to task simply for holding a certain belief.

Article 26:
The formation of parties, societies, political or professional associations, as well as religious societies, whether Islamic or pertaining to one of the recognized religious minorities, is permitted provided they do not violate the principles of independence, freedom, national unity, the criteria of Islam, or the basis of the Islamic republic. No one may be prevented from participating in the aforementioned groups, or be compelled to participate in them.

The mechanisms exist and are expressed in the constitution. The flaw is the powers granted to "the leader". The constitution prohibits the position of "leader" from being eliminated, but fails to specify that his powers may not be modified. The reformists just need to get over that 2/3rds hump and many of Irans ills can be corrected peacefully and within the framework of existing law. Of course, if there are no reformists on the ballot then it becomes an impossible task.

Posted by: richard at March 3, 2005 07:08 PM

"El-Baradei, whose International Atomic Energy Agency is investigating Iran for possible nuclear weapons work, said Tehran must carry out "transparency" measures that allow widespread visits by IAEA inspectors beyond what is required under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty."

Beyond what is required by the NPT?

Can you not spot the fake unless it jumps and Jap slaps you?

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 07:07 PM

(under the torrents of blogoevangeilsm, a change of heart occurring, and understanding what would it be like, just seconds before the rapture, although it certainly was not for the Jesus standing on the street corner, and 12 souls flying up into the sky, so no jumping out of the moving SUV, but feeling the serpent is out of the keyboard)

Mistaken Rapture to Blame for Woman's Death

Yes! Yes! Yes! (foaming keyboard, shaking screen, and whirling hard disk)

I would like to be a Dr. Pepper Too (Johnny No.5 Short Circuit opening article)

Them emails there have been, I say have been flying there boy!

In this new world speak of peace is war, referendum is planting the proxy agents in place, and when they are disqualified the cries of undemocratic is the response of the failed adventurers.

Yeah very true, every one around the world should envy Iraqis for spending 10 minutes to fill a bucket of water instead of the usual 20 minutes to fill a bucket of water, as and when there is running water every other 76 hours. Everyone around the world should envy Iraqis getting 2 hours of electricity at times in the middle of the night every 24 hours, that is when they are not Fallujahed. Oh how Iraqis, Freedom their days away with 90% unemployment (BBC says 60% so add a half and you get the figure). Yeah Iraqis are blazing their way so fast that they are now regressing back into 11th century, damn, damn , damn the relativity!

PS. Stones, cannot be thrown in the cyberspace, so if the ideas are hitting you hard, perhaps the blame lies in the lifetime you have spent in the virtual reality Lala Land!

PPS. When are you going to give up being a total prat?

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 06:32 PM


Actually my comments were in response to richard and not directed at you. So far you have never responded directly to anything I have said here except to hurl insults, either at me or at all Americans. (I wonder if you include yourself among the Americans.)

Blather...Sermon... etc. But you do not directly address anythiing I say. For example, I noted that you criticize FOX and say that Americans are being mislead by disinformation. However, you regularly link to sources sympathetic to your point of view which are not even attempting to be objective and you take these sources as God's own truth. It's somewhat humorous when you do that. I ask you to acknowlege that all sides are spinning the story and I get "... blather... sermon..." etc.

Is this the way they teach you to reason in the Social "Sciences"? Very weak indeed are the "theories" of Social "Scientists". You might try to address those things I have said and explain why you disagree, as I have done with richards posts. You know, try to argue about the evidence and use logic.

Also you criticize me for getting information from FOX and then criticize when I get it from other sources on the internet. I don't get it. What are your "approved" sources? Why should I consider them to be credible?

Anyhow, I do appologize for hijacking the thread. It was not my intention. I only wanted to tell richard about my doubts about the Caliphate concept he was espousing..

More back on topic I found this link.


El Baradei says that "the ball is in Iran's court". Now I was herein openly attacked for saying the same thing. Why is that?

richard. I still don't see how you address human rights and equal protection for the rights of all citizens under sharia. I operate from a definition which says sharia originates in the Quran and hadith and that certain things which are in those sources will be impossible to excise. From this point of view Iran is not a sharia state at all.

Actually, from the point of view of many of the Caliphoids, the Shia are apostates, grave worshipers, people who say "wa Ali raisool u Allah", etc. Thus, from their point of view Iran is not an Islamic state at all.

The Caliphoids, which I have spoken to on other forums say that there is no sharia state in existance and that Taliban land was the last one, which they hold up as being perfect. Of course, they deny as "lies... all lies" the mass murder of Hazara civilians, old men, women and children, in Bamiyan, which could not, they say, have been done by the "knights of sharia". What a sad thing it is that people could be so mislead.

Well richard, this is not really a "back at ya" since the topic of this thread is something else altogether, but I did want you to know that I have my doubts about what you said and, NUM take note here, I replied directly to the points made and gave my reasons (right or wrong).

Posted by: nur at March 3, 2005 06:17 PM


what you conviently ignore is article 59 of the Iranian constitution which allows for the assembly to initiate direct referendums to the citizens. Article 59 is why hundreds of reformists were disqualified prior to the last election. Article 59 is why the US has no need to interfere with Iran. Article 59 is why a propserous Iraq will topple the so called mullahs.

Do you know which article of the constitution was used to disqualify the reformists?

Didn't think so.

You're more interested in throwing stones than helping to improve your neighbor's house.

Wouldn't you like to be something more? Wouldn't you someday like to help instead? It wouldn't hurt you to try it.

Posted by: richard at March 3, 2005 03:31 AM

A very amusing account of the Freedom brand marketed by Calamity George


Also Freedom of Expression, so long as the expression is deemed correct by the Gauleiter of Pennsylvania Av.


Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 02:35 AM


why do you use so many words to say so little?

Posted by: richard at March 3, 2005 02:19 AM

The drivellers, blathering on, go onto waffle, on, and on, and on, and on...............

Now the discussion is about Islam, and manifestly the grand Ayatollah Great White Hope, and his side kick, are punctiliously debating the points of Caliphate, and the interpretations thereof, in a subtle as a hammer blow to the head fashion, driving on the same tracks as before, pedalling the same sermons, pushing the same synthetic cheap lemonade with a twist of Tartazin and calling it honest to goodness orange juice!

Of course the primitive does what primitives do, this tack is in aid of sidestepping the real issues, and getting on with some serious waffle, since they have been armed with the snippets of wisdom through emails, post their attendance on the 48 hour Internet leadership course run be the same venal individuals, that brought you the swift boat veterans, that went so far as rewriting the history of Kerry service in a whole new opera, while the draft dodging bum, was exalted for his dangerous missions flying unsafe aircrafts in airport circuits that is when he was steady enough on his feet!

The simplicity of the forwarded sermons go in so far as declaring the political process in Iran null, and undemocratic! This line of argument of course relies on the credulity of the audience, since anyone remotely interested in the US electoral process will be admiring the divine miracles of Diebold that can turn out 10,000 votes in a voter catchment district of no more than 600 votes (boy talk about feeding of 5000 with one fish, wait till this one gets into the books) as well as the various fraudulent electoral practices be it chads (hanging or otherwise), and or selection processes (dubious as it can be), that are deemed democratic and desirable!

Further, the primitive mindset then makes a leap of sorts, that at present and current mathematical capabilities cannot be resolved, (although string theory, and quantum tunneling can partially explain it), unifying the whole Islamic world, and forwarding Caliphate, with possible advantages, and drawbacks! Although the sidekick goes onto declare lack of any knowledge in linguistics, yet manifests a workings knowledge of the of Caliphate, with the opinions that grace this blog!

Now the odd couple (if there is in fact the two of them, since schizophrenics can conduct reasonable discourse with themselves, and their mates in their imaginary virtual reality world) cannot reconcile the simple fact that any social arrangement of any sorts, is an organic affair, and is based on cultural imperatives, that uniquely identify the group reaching that arrangement. This arrangement then becoming the reference for a continual debate, and subject of tests to its limitations, in attempts to validate, reject, and or change the said arrangement!

However, the grand pontification goes on!

The fact is Iranians' affairs are theirs' and theirs' alone, and non of the business of the outsiders somehow goes missing on the primitives, blinded by greed, and salivating in their rush for interference, and preparation for the theft and plunder of that nations' assets!

Posted by: NUM at March 3, 2005 01:21 AM

as long as we're talking attempted caliphates ...
the problem with Iran is as old as dirt. You put some guy in charge who doesn't have to answer to anybody but God. Ultimately, he's human. Pretty soon he starts thinking that his opinion IS the opinion of God and he doesn't feel very compelled to listen to the citizens. After all, they don't represent the will of God like he does.

The reasoning behind this is a branch of Shia I refer to as Omaree. In the day before judgement a messiah cleric will rule. A few centuries ago, some cleric came up with the bright idea that other clerics are suppossed to be in charge so that they can keep the seat warm for Imam Medi. Personally, I consider this to be one of the corrupted versions of Islam.

Posted by: richard at March 2, 2005 11:31 PM

To be overly simplistic for the sake of creating clear images.
IMO - The modern caliphate would be like the United States except that the courts would seek moral guidance from the Koran. Free media, free speech, and open elections would still be allowed. Unlike Iran, the court would not have the ability to disqualify candidates from the ballot and the nomination of supreme council members would come from the representative or administrative branches. The guidance clerics would not have the ability to appoint bench seats, make referals, or veto decisions. The guidance clerics need to be free of political power so that their judgement remains unclouded. The people would retain their right to overturn court decisions by electing a majority to assembly or adminstrative branches. As such, the caliphate would be bound to serve the people. The law would be based upon sharia and remain true to the intents of Islam. However, because the government would answer to the people, the law would also be adaptable and would evolve to address the realities of modern life (such as birth control, instant communications, mass transit, and international travel). The existing constitution of Iran is incredibly close to achieving this. If the reformists come to power, do not be surprised to see a modern, working caliphate emerge.

Posted by: richard at March 2, 2005 11:17 PM

Ok. I am not a muslim and I do not speak Arabic so I can't help you with the translation. I still disagree with your statement that (true) Islam (whatever that is) is compatible with democracy. If the Caliph is supposed to rule by sharia and follow the example of mohammed then all non muslims are in for rough sleding in Caliphaland. I get this from a cursory reading of the canonical texts of Islam, aka Quran and Hadith.

Unless the new and improved Caliphate will rewrite those texts and renounce those parts which specify the treatment of non muslims, etc., I just don't see it as being very democratic. You can't renounce this stuff and still have Islam. The Quran was written by God, so don't change a thing...you know. On the other hand I don't have to prove this to anybody so you can believe what you like.
Christians have behaved badly in history and Muslims have behaved badly in history. However, I am aware of nothing in the new testament which advocates violence. The situation is different with the Quran and hadiths where violence is advocated against the "unbelievers", unless of course they agree to be subdued, live under muslim rule, and pay the jizya tax. This seems more like a protection racket then a religion.

History does not go backwards. The Roman empire will not be reconstituted and Islam, which reached it's zenith 1000 years ago, will not again flourish in the same way. Never say never, but I think that there will be no new and improved Caliphate.

The most recent sharia state in Afghanistan was a disaster. It collapsed when the leadership, morons 1 - 98 I guess, determined that sharia required them to attack the US.

The last Caliphate was known as the sick man of Europe just before it's fall. This reflected the stagnant nature of the culture in decline on which it was founded. It died a natural death in 1924 when the Turks realized what exactly was holding them down.

Lastly, Science flourished in Europe after religious dogma was left behind. A return to religious dogma, that old time religion, which is hoped for by the Caliphoids, will not result in an explosion of Science, Technology, and Art. The Caliphoids are just wrong if they think this is the way back to their lost greatness.

Posted by: nur at March 2, 2005 10:36 PM

What is Bayaa and what did Ali mean when he said "Don't force your next generations to follow your habits. They have different experiences and knowledge"?

I do not speak Arabic, perhaps you could also translate for me the phrase "Amrukom Shura Bainakum".

I think true Islam is compatible with democracy and freedom. I do not think the corrupted forms that have been created to support tyrants are. I further think that the fundamentalists are a devil that we created ourselves by allowing them no other voice. I look to history for precedent. The Christian faith 12 centuries after forming had been corrupted to support tyrants. As a teenager, the religion of Christianity was as corrupt as any religion has ever become. It would kill innocent people because they "trying to save their souls from eternal damnation". They supported tyrants who launched crusades and genocide for personal gain. The church itself was selling forgiveness to raise monies. Islam is now a teenager and it needs to get through this period of corruption. As it was once written - Islam's greatest threat will come from within.

Posted by: richard at March 2, 2005 07:24 PM

Don't call it my Caliphate! I am not a supporter of sharia. But realistically, when mohammed marched into Mecca he did not call for elections.

Posted by: nur at March 2, 2005 07:10 PM

Your caliphate will never successfully exist with humans as its subjects. Your way is based upon the limitations of written words. The prophet himself said that a sea of ink would not be sufficient. How is it that a few hundred words are?

I prefer the wisdom of men like Sistani who has said that Allah gave man a mind and a voice and that no other has the right to take it away.

Posted by: richard at March 2, 2005 06:50 PM

Well richard I think the Caliphate must be based on Sharia and so blasphemy or defaming of the prophet is to be punished by death. Put that into your calculations before you say that this would be compatible with free speech in a democracy.

Additionaly, the rights of non muslims are restricted under sharia. Non muslims are to be humiliated and made to feel insecure. The dhimmi system is basic to the way sharia approaches non muslims, so the supposed Caliphate would not provide equal protection under the law for all citizens.

Also the Islamic Republic of Iran is not anything like an Islamic Caliphate what with a guardian council and a legislature/majlis. Totally different in structure and concept.

Posted by: nur at March 2, 2005 06:35 PM

Nobody - one other thing about khilafah. It can not be successfully established based strictly upon the laws in effect during the prophet's lifetime. Women are now able to give birth at the time and place of their choosing. A society that does not address this fundamental change in half of its citizens will never achieve economic parity and will never overcome its own internal oppositions. (by the way - the electronic age is Qutb's most glaring error in judgement but the effect of empowering women is his most fundamental oversight. Half of all humans are female. It will be hundreds of years before the effects of this change are fully realized).

Posted by: richard at March 2, 2005 02:20 PM

oops ... typo error.

the khilafah can not be sustained if it ignores or suppresses the voices of individuals. and yes, this even includes people like Salman Rushdie. If he is wrong, then the people will reject him and his voice will become that of a madman. But every once in a while, a voice will ring out that brings truth and wisdom. It needs to be heard so that society may strengthen itself.

Posted by: richard at March 2, 2005 12:32 PM


The establishment of an Islamic Khilafah can not be done through violence. To do so creates perpetual war for so long as the worldwide Muslim population increases or decreases or has pockets of culture within a larger state. The government of Iran is very close to a working khilafah but falls just short of providing a working model. The failure of the Iranian model is that it does not provide adequate voice for dissent. The path to a stable khilafah is through democracy. When the people are ready, they will chose khilafah in a peaceful fashion. They must first be given to chance to plot their own future.

Ironically, I think this is the essence of Num's hatred. "Calamity Geoerge" gives anyone with a purple finger the right to be heard. Num fears that giving the people a chance to choose their own future will lead them away. Perhaps it will and perhaps it won't. You just simply have to trust the people and give them the power to collectively pursue their future. A stable, prosperous, and peaceful khilafah can not be established against the will of the masses and it can be sustained if it ignores or supresses the voices of the individual.

Posted by: richard at March 2, 2005 12:26 PM

But NUM, you have here put forth the most rank propaganda as verified fact. You are being mislead by your fraudulent sources as well. Do you suppose that you have some sort of direct connection to the truth? Why is it that you think only Americans are being fed garbage? Do you imagine that higher education has rendered you immune to disinformation? Actually you seem quite partisan and you seem to let this effect what you believe and what you do not. Next time try logic and skeptical investigation and this will yield better and more reasonable conclusions.

Posted by: nur at March 2, 2005 12:18 PM

On a daily basis we find before us the incessant manufacture of the "facts" in the virtual reality world of total immersion disinformation that has come to be accepted as news. This fake news shapes and forms the opinions of the intended targets of the campaigns of the day (whatever these may be) with a view to manufacturing the consent of the "marks" (an expression denoting the victim of the fraudsters) to sanction the commission of aggression using their money and lives to further the cause of the Fascio in charge!

Little known facts in the reality point to small numbers of the operators projecting massive foot prints beyond their capabilities, yet effectively manipulating the perception of this falsehood in the minds of the opponents, adversaries, and or the target audience. One such example can be found in the surrender of the king of Italy to Mussolini, based on king's belief that the Fascitti had taken over Rome, while in reality only some 6000 to 8000 of these were camped outside Rome, and had little chance of taking over the city! Or on the other hand the murder of Matteotti by Duce, yet Mussolini's crocodile tears, and sincere promises to the unfortunate widow to find and bring to justice the evil murderers!

Therefore history holds many lessons, as to the deeds of men good, or bad and their achievements, as well as the modalities of their actions. It would serve us well to heed such lessons.

Any adversary will seek to land a blow through the least resistive path in a bid to tear the heart of his enemy is an obvious fact, therefore it should come as no surprise that the self appointed Emperor of the planet declares he stands with those who seek freedom anywhere on the planet. The process of invasion starts by weakening the resolve of the would be fighters, by appealing to their base emotions, hopes, and aspirations, in an attempt to discourage the would be fighters from entering any probable theater of battle. It needs no genius to find almost all people around the world aspire to be free and conduct their life without molestation from any and all agents, be it foreign of domestic. Yet freedom that Calamity George promises, is in fact vacant possession of castles in the air, and promises of free bear tomorrow.

As in the case of life insurance, the best way of selling life insurance is to back the hearse to the door and let the intended client smell the flowers. Calamity George relies on the stupidity of his target audience to buy into the ownership of the castles in the air, and or queue up in wait of the free beer tomorrow, so that he can start the process of moving the gullible, and credulous morons into these castles, while dispossessing them from their earthly belongings, and or shoot the lot of the idiots in the queue and be over and done with, ridding himself from any probable opposition!

Since even as the leader of the super power Calamity George has two major constraints, the first constraint is his voting public, whom ought to believe the stories that he is spinning. As ever the clever chappy that he is, he does not intend to be in the firing line, and anywhere near a battlefield, he has proved this case by dodging the draft, and very quietly dropping Saddam's offer of a duel! So he needs the morons to go and do the dirty for him, while he is spending oodles of the their tax money in the process, and of course the monies that are spent will wind up in the pockets of those friends of his, whom helped and aided this abuser of exotic substances into the office in the first place. In other words as in the case of any petty thief who smashes his way into the unsuspecting victims' homes causing untold amounts of damage, only to steal the video, and the TV, or some cash or jewellery with the intent of selling these for a fraction of their price, after all any money coming in, is pure profits anyway!

The second constraint facing calamity George is the consent of the intended victims, since without active acquiescence of these, the fighting would be too ferocious for the taste to the morons (voters) back home. In case of Afghanistan a disparate mixture of disorganised, and helpless people leading a 12th century life style, the act of invasion did not leave much to worry about, in the case of Iraq years of low intensity war, and sanctions on top of three major wars initiated by that most excellent CIA stooge namely Saddam, along with his autocratic and corrupt rule, that trickled down to every level of the society. Had paved the way for bribing of the key military personnel, to take the money and the next plane available out of Baghdad, leaving whatever little left of the defences of Iraq in disarray, while the Iraqis ambivalently stood aside and let the hoards of the invaders to carry on invading. Although, at a later time the same Iraqis reacted, but it was too late, and they have since paid a heavy price for their inaction in the face of the waves of invaders.

Iran is neither Afghanistan, nor she is Iraq, therefore the notions of an easy cakewalk to Tehran are not a sane propositions, however, in case of any military operation the lives of Iranians are to be lost. While truth willing out a little later, as has been the hallmark of Calamity George's modus operandi, Dubya having moved on to the next adventure with the same bunch of rabid Fascio in the main stream media trickling out bits of the truth, to retain whatever little credibility they have, to fool the US public yet again the umpteenth times round the next time.

So in an attempt to stop the deaths of Iranians, and for that matter the bullet catchers that Calamity George so easily assigns to his smash and grab raids, it is best to bring out the truth earlier than the Fascio intended time slot!

Further, as ever cohesion of any society is the mainstay of that societies survival, Iranians ought to realise that the enemy is about to divide, and defeat them, however lame this idea may appear to any patriotic Iranian, the enemies intent therefore heralds the weeding out of the traitors whom are collaborating with the enemy. As well as ensuring that the truth is disseminated through any medium possible. In addition, transforming the negative aspects of US politics of unreason, by reconciliation of differences within the Iranian society, based on the realisation that any family tiffs cannot be standing in the way of defending the family home, further through this reconciliation, a new opportunity can beckon the evolution of the society with a view to utilising the human capital to exploit the natural resources of Iran in a more efficient manner. Simply put there are no hearts beating for Iran and her people other than the Iranian hearts, so let every beat strengthen Iran more than the day which has passed, only strength and unity can dissuade any adversary from dreaming to attack Iran!

Posted by: NUM at March 2, 2005 01:10 AM

ali reza, daryoush and sima are 3 of the bigest koskeshes on the net. if i could only find a way to get out of hell for a few days i would come back and sort these mulla kos lesses myself. especially ali reza who owes me a good too dahani

Posted by: Khalkhali at March 1, 2005 11:15 PM

By-the-way, the alternative would be to continue with the course we have been for the past (probably) 2 centuries: reactionary mode of operation. The enemy threatens, and we react; the enemy attacks and we react; always on the defensive. And whenever we get an opportunity to truly self-evaluate, we are distracted by personal ambitions/desires, distorted understanding of the priorities and purpose in life etc. What we need is a proven reference and a sense of courage and discipline. The proven reference is the life of the Prophet Muhammad, which is completely relevant to the status-quo we live in today. The courage and discipline is for us to even consider the right priorities and putpose in life.

Posted by: Nobody at March 1, 2005 08:43 PM

My 2 cents: the US may not be in a position to declare an all out war with Iran. But they (with their favored partner in crime Israel) will at the very least attempt to pull the same stunt as Israel pulled on Iraq (Osirak). Included with that package will be to undermine and disrupt ever facet of life in Iran. The undermining tool will be to invent and promote conflict within the Muslim population, and between the Muslim and non-Muslim populations in Iran (which by-the-way had begun long time ago.)
Richard and his likes are part and parcel of the international (false) propaganda tool of USA. It would do me well to simply ignore Richard's (moron99's) posts/propaganda.
Our time would be better spent finding the root-causes and solutions. For what I see, root-cause has already been found. The solution is quite straight forward, but how courageous are we to even consider the solution, especially when it have been tried and tested? The solution: The Islamic Khilafah, where *all* Muslim lands are fully unified under one governing authority, which consists of Muslims representing all the diverse populations in the Muslim lands. And this governing authority should establish the laws (ahkaam) of Allah rather than (tagoot) laws other than those of Allah. As I said, this is a tried and tested solution; one needs to study the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, to understand that it is indeed the solution.

Posted by: Nobody at March 1, 2005 08:31 PM

What you're proposing is true. We should use every non-violent mean available to us to make American people realize the fact that it's not in their own best interest to attack another Moslem country. We know Dubya has plans for that region. Some call it the "Greater Israel." It will encompass all the client states (which now include Iraq) and their base country in the region, Israel. In order to get there, they have to convince the people of these countries (who by the way are very Anti-American) that in fact the US policy gives them their freedom. And considering the dire state of affairs in these countries, their thirst for freedom is unquenchable. On the other side of the coin, the US is faced with Iran which is not Arab and has a semi-democratic form of government which is more advanced than almost any Arab country. Now if the fanatics in Tehran really want to avoid any invasion, they can drink from the "poison cup" again, give America, Israel and EU what they want and in return, receive the economic incentives.

Posted by: Mohamad at March 1, 2005 08:15 PM

Well, well all the drivel, and now you are back to your first post, cutting and pasting the same waffle!

How clever, the same drivel, the same diatribe, informing us all of no plans for invasion!

Since when anyone can rely on the prudence of a serially criminal and law breaking state? There can never be any trust in US so long as the coked up leadership, promoting the dogmatic neo con's Machiavellian plots are at work!

The trouble is third world war is around the corner, and you go on about dawn of new age! You ought to talk more precisely about the dawns of the new age, as and when the buckets of sunshine are unleashed all around the planet, and no it will not be of the imaginary kind that so far the hunt has been all about!

The outflow of cash amounting to some $3.5 billion as of last Monday out of Lebanese economy leaves no economic prospect for Lebanon, but hey all they need is freedom, don't they?

But facts do not come into play when there are those ever lasting know it all are concerned!

Posted by: NUM at March 1, 2005 02:11 AM


There is no impending invasion of Iran. There is no money to fund one and neither congress nor senate will make the money available for that purpose. But, I seriously doubt that you care about reality. You are far more interested in finding reasons to continue with blind hatred and making sure that no bridges are built that might result in cultural reform on any sides.

Guess what?

It's going to happen whether you like it or not. The Iraqi terrorists will not win and the baathists will not create enough chaos to stop a new government from forming. Democracy and freedom are inevitable in Iraq and the reign of the Omaree in Iran is drawing to a close. No matter how much you protest, Najaf is where scholars come from and Najaf is embracing democracy. The most significant Omaree in Iraq is Sadr and the people of Najaf have already rejected him. You, my friend, are pissing in the wind.

Look about ... Palestine is making peace with Israel, Egypt is allowing other candidates on the ballot, Lebanon is on the verge of revolt if the Syrian occupation continues, Syria is making concessions to Jordan and scrambling to find friends. Its over. The new age can no longer be avoided and the Omaree will be amoung those left upon the trash heap of history.

Posted by: richard at March 1, 2005 01:44 AM

It is not the content of dissenting views that is important. It is the fact that they are allowed and tolerated.

Yeah, so long as there is a dissenter, as it stands with the invasion of the body snatchers the virtual reality has little bearing on the real reality! The king of Botox delivers his bit for the empire, like Gannon don't mention Gukert did, like the other paid stooges have done for fees ranging from $22000, to $240000!

Krauthammer falsely claimed an "absence of angry demonstrations" during Bush European tour


Not mentioning the nice little grilling that God's Own Sheriff Dubya was subjected to by the Russian journos that seems to have gone down the memory hole again!

Posted by: NUM at March 1, 2005 01:35 AM

Bye-Bye, NPT; Hello, Mushroom Cloud
To even imply that a nuclear-weapon state would attack [IAEA] Safeguarded facilities of a non-nuclear-weapon state pokes a hole right in the heart of the Nonproliferation Treaty [NPT], and it deserves to be rejected severely........And, of course, Naseri is right. It was bad enough back in 1981 when the Israelis - not a party to the NPT - attacked and destroyed Osiraq, a French-supplied safeguarded research reactor in Iraq.

But Bush is determined to get the "nuclear crisis" in Iran before the Security Council, somehow, so that he can get another ambiguous resolution that he could then use to justify an attack - by the U.S. or Israel - on Iran's safeguarded facilities.

So what conceivable rationale could Bush manufacture?

Well, later in the U.S.-EU news conference Bush made this claim:

"The reason we're having these discussions is because [the Iranians] were caught enriching uranium after they had signed a treaty saying they wouldn't enrich uranium. These discussions are occurring because they have breached a contract with the international community. They're the party that needs to be held to account, not any of us."

Bush manufactured all that. The EU-Iran agreement - which is being monitored by the IAEA - is not a treaty. In any case, the Iranians were not "caught" enriching uranium. As best the IAEA can determine, the Iranians have yet to enrich any uranium. The Iranians merely agreed to suspend for six months or so any attempt to do so. They did not - initially - agree to suspend the manufacture of gas centrifuges for enriching uranium. However, as a "confidence-building measure," they voluntarily agreed a few months ago to suspend those activities, too.


Posted by: NUM at March 1, 2005 12:40 AM

What a load of bollocksy bollocks!!!!!

Love, Hate, what the hell are you on mate? Feelings are for love play and cattle, lay off that stuff you are eating/smoking/inserting!

Evidently you have read the Power of Nightmares, and now deductions abound get one your soap box driveling along, and let it rip: west and Islam, waffle, blah and some more!

Don't let facts bother you, since the ever lasting know it alls need no facts for their opinions, after all the fonts of knowledge invent and manufacture facts, regardless of the contextual modalities, and semantics. Not satiated with an episteme, proceed to an ontology of the technology, and evolution!

What is your major malfunction?

What do you not understand about hands off Iran?

Simply put freedom fries, and Operation Iraqi freedom have clarified the heights of the morality peaks that US occupies, and it just does not cut the mustard!

Now go get some education, before you come back and make an arse of yourself yet again!

Posted by: NUM at March 1, 2005 12:28 AM

whilst you go on and on about the travesties committed by those that you love to hate, I prefer to think in terms of social currents and common good. It is an ideological difference. You seem to think that the golden age of Islam is a destination that was destroyed by the West. It gives you cause to hold much venom and think that something was taken from you and creates a desire to return to that time and resurrect a time gone by. Even if you succeed, all you will accomplish is creating the environment where the mistakes of your ancestors are repeated. Plants and animals are not the only thing that evolves. Society evolves. You can not go back. It was a society based upon regional foodstocks, naturally occurring water, mud huts, limited communications, no way to create artificial light, and no machinery to perform labor. If you truly care about the people of the mideast, then will focus upon the future, the mindset that will be most productive, and what you can do to help.

Perhaps Qutb is your hero. Perhaps you buy his idea that the age of science has nothing more to offer. The error of Qutb assumptions is proven by the mere fact that you and I can communicate via the internet. Qutb failed to include artificial intelligence and electronic communications into his thinking. As such, he reached wrong conclusions.

Posted by: richard at February 28, 2005 11:06 PM

You could either be wrong about an upcoming war, and waste effort trying to prevent it, or wrong about no upcoming war, and waste an opportunity to prevent it. If it was my blood and oil on the line, I know which error I'd rather make.

Posted by: elendil at February 28, 2005 11:03 PM

Through the never ending bouts of wonderment, and amazement , the great white hope now delivers a sermon on human culture, and values!

So far facts not being relevant, and opinions abound qualified and weighed against the everlasting know it all's referential datum, finding the humble statements of facts an insult and childish to boot, the sermon goes on!

Fact that Washington Post article smacks of the same ol same ol, in so far as the new and chastened Calamity George and his neo con posse are concerned!

Bush Weighs Offers To Iran
U.S. resistance to proposals by Britain, France and Germany, which are leading the disarmament talks with Iran, proved to be counterproductive, U.S. and European officials said, because they often made the United States, rather than Iran, appear to be the odd man out diplomatically.......The incentives under active consideration are also not major concessions, U.S. and European officials note. "The kind of [economic and political] changes required for membership in the World Trade Organization are very much what we'd want to see anyway," the State Department official said. "So it's not giving Iran something. It's making clear this could lead to that, if they comply." ......And even if Iran did fully comply on its nuclear program, it would still take many years to accede to WTO membership because of the time required to radically restructure Tehran's economy, European officials say. ....."We're profoundly skeptical that Iran is going to do anything, but we do want to do whatever we can do to help the Europeans succeed," the State Department official said. "And if Iran did comply, there would still be a lot to talk about even at that stage before Iran got WTO membership."

We are informed never mind the rantings of the Amen Brigade (senators McCain et al) and the rest of the AIPAC assets maniacally touring the various TV current affairs programmes, haranguing and frenetically beating the drums of war, with an ever increasing radius of operations to include, Syria, Russia, and China too!

JOHN MCCAIN: This is not good. The United State and our European allies, I think should start out by saying, Vladimir, you're not welcome at the next G8 conference. At least to start with, that has some symbology associated with it.

But as ever the optimist, we are painted the rich tapestry of the flights of fancy in propagating the human DNA to outer space, evidently vials of fertilised eggs are to be mounted on the next super secret satellite that is being fired up into the skies!

Posted by: NUM at February 28, 2005 09:26 PM

It is not the content of dissenting views that is important. It is the fact that they are allowed and tolerated. Every once in a while a dissenter turns out to be right. After several hundred years, the society that allows dissent will be more prosperous than the one that does not.

Basic truisms of human society have no borders. They apply to all times and all cultures. Your attempts to charecterize them as eastern or western of foxaganda reveal your desire to retain a narrow view of the world. It is a trick of school children to smear the messenger when a message is both true and undesirable.

Posted by: richard at February 28, 2005 07:31 PM

Oh well now there is talk of spreading the humanity across the space and time continuum, you have been watching too much star trek mate!

Trouble is currently the problems facing humanity do not allow for any comets crashing, long before that US foreign policy has put pay to humanity altogether!

Although there exits schools of thought as to infestation of parasitic entities, that may affect humanity as they affect ants, and pillbugs, hence stupefying humanity to the extent of these known examples in nature!

Are parasites really the masters?
parasites can change the size, color, and even the behavior of their host. The object is usually to encourage a specific predator to eat the host so the parasite can continue its life cycle. A classic example is the lan-cet fluke which infests ants and then sheep. The problem is that sheep don't normally eat ants, giving the flukes a chance to switch vehicles. So, the innovative flukes somehow force the ants to crawl to the tops of plants and lock themselves there with their jaws. The next hungry sheep that comes along has his meal seasoned with ants.


Why do pillbugs turn into zombies?
Once inside the gut of a pillbug, the egg hatches. The parasite commandeers the pillbug's body-an infected pillbug becomes food, shelter, and transportation. Although the isopod may grow to a mature size, it never matures. This is most evident in female pillbugs; they never develop ovaries. Most of the pillbug's energy is drained for the growing parasite.
As soon as the acanthocephalan is ready for its alternate host, the behavior of the pillbug changes. The little isopod gets reckless. When other pillbugs are resting in their dark, humid colony, the infected pillbug is out wandering. Indifferent to moist dark shelter, the 'zombified' pillbug heads out into the heat and dryness of sunlight carelessly crossing over light-colored surfaces where it is easily spotted by hungry starlings.


Posted by: NUM at February 28, 2005 06:32 PM

The usual white man's burden befalls on 99% moron to save you all from yourselves, through the snippets of wisdom s/he has picked up from the usual sources of knowledge on demand such as Fox, CNN, and National Enquirer, and a couple of movies thrown in for good measures too!

Evidently 2600 years of history versus couple of hundred years, is qualification enough to deem the whole east unworkable, and in need of creative destruction!

Of course this assertion is based upon lack of any sophistication by those easterners to put up with the drivel that Salman what'sit wrote, fact that his terrible incoherent diatribe is a crime against the trees, and destruction of the rain forests, does not come into it. Further seeing as if the same lunatic had written a diatribe calling Moses a paedophile, the tolerant international Jewry would have allowed him to walk the streets that were paved with petals from flower. On the other hand the Christians would have been taking kindly to the notions of Jesus indulging in pederasty, since Jerry Springer the Opera has not been taken off the Broadway!

Although less said about the demise of Dan Rather, Ward Churchill, Lynn Stewart, and the air hostess for her blogging. While on the ascendancy have been Gannon don't mention Gukert, and a whole host of think tankery regurgitating the same drivel over and over again like the damn b movies!

Posted by: NUM at February 28, 2005 06:18 PM

"This may be the point of your existence, but it certainly is not mine. "

It is the point of our species. Despite illusions of granduer, we are just the animal du jour for planet earth. Extending the existence of our species to multiple planets decreases the probability of our extinction and extends the life cycle of our existence. If we occupy two or more planets, then a single comet can not extinguish us as it did the dinosaurs. The purpose of your individual life is up to you. But it does not change the realities of being a single species on a single planet whose ultimate goal is to avoid extinction.

Posted by: richard at February 28, 2005 06:18 PM

"The real point of our existence after all is to maximize the amount of human DNA and one day colonize other planets."

This may be the point of your existence, but it certainly is not mine.

"Shortly after the crusades, free thought was supressed and the region has not made any significant advances in human knowledge or the species ability to support greater global population since."

Depends on what you consider as "human knowledge' and what you consider sub-human. European colonial expansion suppressed subjugated knowledges and produced particular objects of knowledge.

I never said ME doesn't suppress dissenting voices. Again, where in the Mid. east are you talking about? Which kind of dissent? Dissent is very much suppressed where I live in CA, USA.

Posted by: sima at February 28, 2005 05:40 PM

By The Way - before you rush to say that the mideast does not suppress dissenting opinion, I have only two words to say - "Salman Rushdie".

Posted by: moron99 at February 28, 2005 04:24 PM

you are projecting.

This series of events dates back as far as time. Probably the first change in social thought that led to a "renaissance" was the idea of growing crops instead of gathering wild food.

In the case of the mideast being "backwards". Backwards would be your choice of words, not mine. Any society no matter how advanced, refined, forwards, backwards, democratic, communist, theocratic, or other will suffer intellectual stagnation when the ruling class suppresses dissenting opinion. The proof is in your own regional history. Shortly after the Prohet, there was an expansion of perception and the mid-east region became the most "advanced" in the world. Shortly after the crusades, free thought was supressed and the region has not made any significant advances in human knowledge or the species ability to support greater global population since. The real point of our existence after all is to maximize the amount of human DNA and one day colonize other planets. Since the crusades and the subsequent supression of dissenting views, the Gulf region has contributed little or nothing to this cause. That's about to change. There is no reason, other than dictators and clerics, that the gulf can not regain its stature as the cradle of civilization.

Posted by: moron99 at February 28, 2005 04:13 PM

I wouldn't know the Arabic term for it, since not everyone in the Middle East speaks Arabic. It is again, I repeat, an orientalist discourses that collapse all difference and sees everyone in the Middle East as being the same. In your (Moron99) case, your assumption that Arabic would be the language spoken by Iranians repeats this logic. Renaissance is called the same (Renaissance)in Farsi. You may have missed my initial point: The telos of "progress" and the kind of history you are narrating as the natural course of events is embedded in a colonial knowledge that sees the "east" as backward and in need of progress. It is in fact exactly this kind of thinking that perpetuates the command from which you desire to get away (you have articulated this command as "you must think this way.") You seem to think that everyone must follow liberal notions of "progress," as if it is THE preferred way of life. It has been naturalized for you to the extent that you do not even question it for its failures, for its inequlities. This universalizing discourse ignores that, as scholars such as Talal Asad have pointed out, there is more than one way to democracy. The telos that you have repeated above needs not to be the same for everyone. History does not move in cycles. It has its breaks and is more contingent than how you represent it to be.

Posted by: sima at February 28, 2005 02:31 PM

Those names are people who changed society by introducing new thoughts and creating a more open-minded framework. The real renaissance is about becoming open to new thoughts and new ideas. It is ironic that the European renaissance was a result of mid-east thought being injected into a narrow minded culture dominated by dictators (kings) and clergy and now the same is being done in reverse. Now it is western society that prospers and mid-east society that has become intelectually stunted by the dominance of dictators and clergy. Some would say that history repeats itself. Some would say that the shoe is on the other foot. I simply say that all people are the same throughout the world and that human society goes through the same cycles regardless of specific culture.

And yes, I stand by my assertion that the mid-east is witnessing the birth of it's own renaaisance. History won't call it a rennaissance but the effect will be the same. The mideast will undergoe a social and political re-arrangement to accomodate changes in ideology by the people. Existing intellectual boundries will erode and a climate of intellectual freedom will emerge. The subtle change from "you must think this way" to "anything is possible" will - as always - result in enthusiasm and optimism amoung the people and lead to an era of prosperity. Call it what you wish. "Renaissance" is a european word for a european shift in social values that resulted in an era of prosperity. What is the Arabic word for same?

Posted by: Moron99 at February 28, 2005 01:34 PM

Moron99- Yikes! Our Columbus is walking amongst us? Somebody get me out of here.

Posted by: N at February 28, 2005 11:21 AM

"There is a renasaince being born in the mideast. Your John Locke, your Davinci, your Martin Luther, your Newton, your Columbus are walking amoungst you. The hour of their calling draws near."

Moron99, Your Orientalist vision of people without history in the Middle East is extremely problematic. Perhaps we have had (and continue to have) our philosophers, scientists, and artists by whom "your" Locke, Davinci, Luther, and Newton" have been influnced a great deal. Perhaps in order to see them, you need to move beyond your teleological view of "progress" and realize that the Middle East does not live in the "dark ages." It doesn't lag behind "your" history.

Posted by: Sima at February 28, 2005 10:41 AM

"By the way, the US does not waste its time with crocodile tears. Concern for people is genuine"

Yes, sure things. Consern for Afghans, for Haitians, for Iraqis - the same as before for Chileans, Nicaraguans, Vietnamees. Only some propaganda-fed Americans could not get that the World has much better memory about USA "humanitarism".

And Columbus was a tool of genocide, but of course, such Americans do not understand it as well. Imperial arrogance is their core

Posted by: lidia at February 28, 2005 05:57 AM

Bravo Nikki,

First of all the data mining infobots going about their business, to find and supply the data needed for any number of tasks, is an established fact. Secondly a cursory pattern analysis of the posts throughout this blog, and elsewhere, flags three major categories of posters:

1- the belligerent pro war faction, that present themselves as so called dissidents.
2- move on brigade, that maintain there are no attacks to take place, and anyone who thinks such, need the tinfoil hat treatment, along with reiterating the superiority of the US forces, while pontificating their fight is with Mullahs, and dangers of Nukes in Iranian hands.
3- Iranians, and others who are anti war, and oppose the current smash and grab doctrine that has come to be the US foreign policy.

Anyone Googleing "Internet Haganah" will be greeted with 106,000 choices. This setup along with other organisations such as "betar" (Zionist youth organisation, a throughly racist, and unsavory setup), as well as the contrived anti Iran sites, courtesy of the fundings made available to take the good fight to Internet. The intent being the reinforcement of the foxaganda, and blotting out of any possible leakage of truth to the minds of the captive audiences.

The fact that mainstream media these days has come to be no more than mere propaganda organ is not a surprising state of affairs, since freedom of the press these days means anyone can own one!

The few omissions from the mainstream media during the recent days are as follows:

During the Blair press conference on Friday 25th February 2005 (Friday last) the presenter, reporter, analyst, chief cook bottle washer Jerry (his second name escapes me) from radio Israel London asked Blair about the problems with the peace process if any troubles (with respect to Syria) were to be encountered? In answer to which the great poodle, replied in a homily, and shrugged off the question!

This conference took place at around 11:30 to 12:00 GMT, and lo and behold the very same evening there is a bomb in a night club, and the Syrians are in the dock, having not recovered from the Hariri allegations, while Iran too is being pulled into the affray!

Sharon has for years killed Jews just to appease his masters, as and when the necessities have arisen! A correlation of the time lines of the bombs, and Sharon's difficulties can easily deduce this supposition!

However, without distraction from the main issue, the major omission from any debate concerning Iran remain the inalienable right of Iran as a signatory to NPT to nuclear energy part four of which includes the right to enrich Uranium. Further adding insult to injury they propagate the spurious argument about oil, and heavy water reactors. That are forwarded in validation of the schizophrenic claims of WMD! Fact that international sanctions have resulted in the use of heavy water which is a second world war technology to cool down the reactors in the absence of more exotic zirconium alloys to be used in the cooling circuit does not come into the equation. Further Heroes of Telemark (the movie) have brought about the sinister connotations of the heavy water, helping these assertions in the minds of the perpetrators of the impending aggression! Fact that heavy water is extracted from normal water and can be drank by anyone rich enough to afford it does not come into the equation either!

However all is not doom, since as your post suggest the thoughts that many others have too, the warmongers find themselves at a disadvantage, hence the campaign of disinformation!

The fears of warmongers lie in the coordinated efforts of Iranians to encounter with rebuttals the falsehoods that are so prevalent in the media, to organise and raise the same through various activities in the wider societies, as well as becoming politicised to the degree of taking active part in the relevant political systems available in their respective countries of domicile!

Hence, only those addled minds will subscribe to the views of the disinformation merchants, and the fight is just beginning, therefore Iranians must double their efforts to out these liars before their lies, and deceit have cost even more lives!

Posted by: NUM at February 28, 2005 12:41 AM

nice post. Like I said earlier, it is always prudent to be prudent. In this case, it is wise to speak out against war whether or not one is immminent. But just realize that there is no imminent invasion. Never was. Soon even the beating of proganda drums, the rattling of sabres, and the false bravado of politicians will fall silent.

The Iran/Russia accord gives all players a way to achieve their goals while saving face. Iran can comply with terms whilst never appearing to bend to the will of America, the European "good cops" can negotiate transparency, and the American "bad cops" can be refused a seat at the table (a moral victory against the great satan). Yes, we are very, very far away from war.

By the way, the US does not waste its time with crocodile tears. Concern for people is genuine.

I don't know how old you are Niki but ... if you are in your 20's then you have a chance to bear witness to history. Perhaps even be a part of it. There is a renasaince being born in the mideast. Your John Locke, your Davinci, your Martin Luther, your Newton, your Columbus are walking amoungst you. The hour of their calling draws near.

Posted by: moron99 at February 28, 2005 12:32 AM